Switching to Canvas Tote Bags- Leave the plastic behind

Canvas Tote Bags

The Plastic Life

Anything that can disrupt the environment and cause harm to the animals around us should be banned and avoided. Plastic bags are used in our lives daily, from bringing in groceries, preserving our food, and using them in our house chores. These bags are made up of polythene and it severely affects the environment. Many countries have banned the use of plastic bags and other items made up of plastic such as plastic box containers.

Thousands of sea and land animals die each year because of the plastic bags used by humans. They choke on to the discarded bags and die. It not only causes pollution on land but also in the oceans. People do not discard these bags properly and in result, poor animals become the victim.

So, what is the ultimate solution to this? At first, people were very skeptical and they thought that by eliminating plastic bags from their lives, it will only get difficult to manage everyday chores. Well, it is always a little challenging when you try to change your habit or switch to a healthier one.

Majority of the States in U.S.A – Are now phasing out or banning the use of plastic bags.

Let us all say farewell to plastic life.

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    TRI Color Tote Bags – Heavy Canvas Promotional Tote Bags with Bottom Gusset

Switch to Canvas Tote Bags

Cotton Canvas bags have continuously been in fashion. Canvas Tote Bags look super trendy and are easy to use. Outlawing of plastic has made their purchasing and has increased their demand significantly. In today’s time, almost everyone owns at least one tri-colored Cotton Canvas Tote Bags in their haul of bags.

Tote bags have a very interesting shape. They are spacious and are easy to carry. Those who have switched to these durable canvas tote bags have been satisfied. You might find similarities between cotton tote bags and canvas tote bags. Users of these bags also noticed canvas tote bags being stronger because the material of the tri-colored canvas tote bag goes through tough processes. Although the same cotton is used in the construction of both the bags, canvas tote bags are more preferred.

Canvas tote bags are environment friendly. The material of the tri-colored canvas tote bag is refined and it can easily sustain some wear and tear in the usage. Take good care of your canvas tote bag and it will surely go a long way with you.

A creative Marketing Tool for your brand

Did you know that your favorite tri-colored canvas tote bags are used as a cool marketing tool for promotional activities? Well, there are several reasons why we should use canvas tote bags for branding and they all are pretty convincing.

Promotional tri-colored canvas tote bags are great for promotions of your services and products. The canvas tote bags are great at delivering your message out there. Use your brand colors or any complimentary colors that go with your brand and customize the tote bags according to your brand guidelines, this is the best part of the whole branding in tote bags. Some core reasons on why you should not have a second thought on using promotional canvas tote bags are below:

People will notice your brand

The main feature of a promotional tri-colored canvas tote bag is to make noise out there about your brand. The most interesting part of a promotional canvas tote bag is that it never goes out of fashion and stays with the person who uses it forever. Even if the bag passes on, your branding on the bag will stay there and will keep seeking people’s attention. An investment like this will be beneficial for your brand forever.

Use the area of the bag smartly. A standard canvas tote bag is 15″W x 15″H x 3″D which makes the tote bag have ample of space for your brand’s logo or the famous slogan to be printed there. Use the front and bag of the canvas tote bag creatively and you are bound to get some eyes hooked on the design.

Adjust your logo on the tri-colored canvas tote bag intelligently. Your logo might come half on one color and the other half on the other color. Show creativity in the designing of the canvas tote bag with obviously following your brand guidelines.

Many high-end brands use tote bags as their staple tote bags for everyday use for their customers. These bags are customized with zippers, pockets and sometimes additional belts are also attached to the tote bags.

These are of premium quality and their logo is either printed on the bags or they are embroidered with very fine details. Their web handles sometimes have a small leather patch as well to add some class to the tote. If the tote has a zipper, people often customize it by using key chains according to their preferences. Zippers are usually attached to keep all the essentials safe in the storage of the bag.

Zipper tote bags are also great for your business meetings; they will keep all your important documents safe and sound in the main storage of the bag. If the tote has a small pocket attached, you can keep all your keys and USB in the pocket.

It will not tear your pocket

Marketing needs a budget. Whether you are promoting your brand online or doing it conventionally, it needs money for the resources being used. Marketing budgets are huge and there are very few things where you invest less money but the outcome is huge.

Using a tri-colored promotional canvas tote bag is not expensive. These 100% cotton canvas tote bags are relatively easy on the pocket as compared to the other marketing tools and mediums. If your business or your brand does not want to spend a lot on the marketing and promotion budget, then these environmentally friendly tri-colored canvas tote bags should be on your list. Get them to screen printed or embroidered and your tote bags are ready to be used. Purchase tri-colored canvas tote bags in wholesale for a bulk discount.

Brand Souvenirs

Since canvas tote bags are not too hard on the pocket, they can also be used as a souvenir for your customers, new and potential both. Your old customers will remember your tote bag as a loyal client and your new potential customers will remember your brand as goodwill. Have a big exhibition coming up? Get your branding done on the promotional canvas tote bags and give them to your visitors for free. Place some brochures, a pen and maybe a keychain in the bag and you have the name of your brand imprinted in the minds of the visitors forever.

Companies can go for wholesale canvas tote bags at wholesale prices. Wholesale canvas tote bags, when purchased for your brand, can be customized the way you want to. Wholesale bags, when bought in bulk, will not be expensive, and this way you can have the same kind of style and type of canvas totes needed for your brand souvenirs.

Choose the right style for your brand

Do not think that canvas tote bags can be boring. You just need some creativity to make your canvas tote bag unique and attractive. Customize the canvas tote bag in the best possible way and match it with your brand’s persona.

Make a zipper in the promotional canvas tote bag for a nice closure of the bag. Use a tri-colored promotional tote bag and choose the colors of your brand to make the canvas tote stand out. If you are looking to get them printed, We can always change the position of the logo on the canvas tote bag as well to make it more prominent and appealing.

If you are using a neutral color canvas tote bag for your brand, use colored web handles to add a nice kick of color to the canvas bag. Get rid of the plastics from your life and switch on to a more durable, affordable, and reusable option. Colored web handles or neutral-colored web handles, canvas tote bags are a good investment for your brand. Your company will definitely stand out when compared to other organizations.

Why carry a Canvas Tote Bag more often?

Canvas tote bags not only look stylish but they kind of make a statement too. Canvas totes being environment friendly is an excellent choice to be used every day. They might not speak money but they sure tell about mindfulness, culture and that you take care of the air that we all breathe. Many high-end designers are now on the bandwagon of making designer canvas tote bags having expensive price tags.

The fact that they are resilient to weight and their size being generous too makes you carry things that are a little heavy as well. Tools such as laptops, cameras, tripods, and other personal items can be carried in your canvas tote bag with ease.

The biggest advantage of using canvas tote bags is that they are reusable and washable. They can be folded easily and are light in weight. Storing these canvas bags is not a hurdle. Stack them up in any of your room or kitchen cabinets; they will not take up much space. Canvas tote bags are not uncomfortable to use, the web handles are soft and they will not hurt your shoulders.

Canvas Tote Bags are very versatile

Canvas tote bags are used for a number of things. You can use them if you are going to the library, just carry your books in them and you don’t have to worry about carrying the books in your hand. Canvas tote bags will be an excellent choice when you are off to your friend’s house or maybe just a causal day at the park. Pack your belongings in your tote bag and you are set to go.

Tri-colored canvas tote bags are durable and they don’t mind if things get heavy. Have some nice options for tri-colored canvas tote bags and you will never run out of colors to match it with your outfit. You can use your colored canvas bags again and again and they will never get old.

Neutral colors such as shades of greys and whites always go with almost all the outfits. Tri-colored tote bags are a great option to add some color to your stylish totes. Tri-colored totes are also available in other shades. You can always choose the one that you desire. Go for soft pastels or dark hues, cotton canvas tote bags look good in all the shades.

Do some DIY on your Canvas Tote Bag

Customizing Canvas tote bags is fun and easy. Students decorate their canvas tote bags according to their style and ongoing trends. Put some badges with different statements and pictures, and you just turned your canvas tote bag into a really funky, colorful bag which can be used by teenagers and students going to the university.

Schools take up canvas tote bags for DIY projects. They are literally the best thing for polishing your skills with. Do embroidery or paint them up with whatever picture you like. Canvas tote bags will turn into a designer-style bag in no time.

Want your canvas bag to look a little girly and perfect for a girls’ day out. Get a nice colored ribbon and tie it up on the web handles. The bow tied up with not only look elegant but it will also artistic and a perfect example for a quick DIY transformation.

Your canvas tote bag is basically a bag that can turn into the bag of your choice for any occasion. Decorate the bags as per your liking and the occasion. You can also gift the tri-colored canvas tote bags to a close friend. A bag which has been decorated by your own hands will be a great gift and will be kept forever. DIYs are just so much fun. They bring out the creativity in you while turning into something which was boring into something which is more fun and attractive.

They are strong and heavy Canvas Bags

We can not stress enough on how great heavy canvas tote bags as compared to other shopping bags. Off on a shopping spree or just a get together at the potluck, your canvas tote bag will be a great companion. Unlike plastic bags that tear off or their handles break very easily if you dump in groceries that are a little on the heavier side. Plastic bags are prone to sharp edges as well and you will find holes in your bag after only a single use which is not the case with heavy canvas tote bags.

Another plus point that the canvas tote bags have is that the web handles are quite rough and tough as well. If you are scared that the heavy grocery items will break off the handle, then you are thinking about something that will never happen. The handles measure 22″ inches which are big enough for you to carry the canvas tote bags on your shoulder or just hang them on your forearm while walking.

The canvas tote bag weighs 12 oz. which is the fabric weight of the bag. The depth is enough to keep your items standing still inside the bag. They won’t wiggle or slant if kept properly. Canvas tote bags are an overall great choice for your daily use, such as keeping your office diaries or your college documents, books, and other accessories.

TRI-colored canvas tote bags are a great option for your company and personal use. They are sturdy, affordable, and have many options to customize them according to the occasion and your style.

Use canvas tote bags in your shopping, workplace or a gathering, they will always be handy and comfortable to use. They are wearable and being environment friendly, you can always carry these bags proudly to show that you care for the environment. Suitable for all ages, canvas tote bags are a must have.

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