Why You Should Choose Customized Flour Sack Towels to Promote Your Brand

Promote Your Brand

We live in a world, which is very customer orientated. The advent of digitalized marketing and technologies has made a simpler life for most of us. However, it has now made promoting and marketing your brand, service or even fundraiser a little harder. People expect differently, and they want to see personalized touches.

Flour sack towels have a much longer history than digital marketing and adverting. However, technologies have allowed stores like us, Flour Sack Towels, to make even better products. The great thing about flour sack towels is that they’re unique. Now, you may be thinking, well I have tons at home. No, what we mean by unique, is that it’s a completely different type of gift.

Moreover, not many companies will have thought to incorporate gifting personalized or digital printed flour sack towels to their customers. Thus, if you want a unique, innovative idea that reflects your appreciation to your customers, flour sack towels are perfect. So, in this blog, we’re going to look at why you should choose customized flour sack towels to promote your brand, business, service, fundraiser or events.

Flour Sack Towels Can Personalize your Marketing Campaign

Personalized marketing has certainly taken a front seat, across several industries. Why? Well, as consumers, we appreciate the little touches. Rather than the old 90s salesperson approach, we expect a subtle form of marketing. Now, digital marketing is undoubtedly a way to connect with your new and existing customers regularly. However, people tend to get bored with the same approach.

Now, if you’re planning to rebrand, promote or host an event of the fundraiser, there’s no better way than adding a personalized touch than a custom digitally printed flour sack towel. Here at flour sack towels, we adore this treasured household necessity for many reasons. However, what you can do as an organization or an individual to stand apart from your competitors, is leverage the essence of a flour sack towel.

In our opinion, we feel that if you were to gift your customers, guests and even investors with a custom-made flour sack towel will leave a positive impact. Moreover, if you choose a digitally printed flour sack towel, you can visually convey your brand’s values and statements. Not only that, personalized marketing has been proven to be a more effective way of creating loyal customers, as well as attracting new ones.

Actually, we decided to do some investigating, and we found a survey that was conducted in 2018 by Infosys. In this survey, 86% of the participants stated that personalized products or gifts have an impact on their purchasing habits. Further, one-quarter of the participants, admit to personalized branding and products, as “significantly influencing their purchasing decisions.”

So, are you planning on hosting an event, party or fundraiser? Alternatively, are you looking to sell the “idea” of your brand to new customers and/or investors? Well, at Flour Sack Towels we have the innovative, unique way for you to show your appreciation. We obviously love the multi-purpose idea of a digitally printed flour sack towels. However, if you want a completely personalized flour sack towel, we have a range of blank towels that are waiting for you to customize them.

Flour Sack Towels has a cost-effective solution for your personalized tea towels

Marketing and advertising campaigns often come with a budget, particularly with free options like social media. Although you want to have a personalized marketing product, you don’t want it to break the bank. Fortunately, Flour Sack Towels has the ideal solution for you, as we offer bulk discounts and wholesale pricing options. Now, we’re sure you already have the message that you want to convey in mind, hold on to that and at Flour Sack Towels, we will create you’re tailored, digitally printed flour sack towels.

Now, you may be skeptical about utilizing flour sack towels, because it hasn’t really been done before. Well, that’s the beauty of it! Flour sack towels or tea towels are used daily in most homes. So, when your campaign, event or fundraiser is over, your customers will have a lasting reminder of your brand – and that’s your personalized flour sack towel. Besides, the flexibility when it comes to digitally print on flour sack towels, we also offer three sizes:

  • 14in” x 16in”
  • 8in” x 11in”
  • 16in” x 20in” ***

***Please note that the 16in” x 20in” is an additional $2.40 per towel

At Flour Sack Towels we feel that if you want the digital image to stand out, then a white or neutral background is best. Rather than using bold colors, if you use your logo, for instance, it will become the main focal point of the towel. Thus, continually reminding your customers, guests or potential investors that you care.

All of our flour sack towels, come with squared corners, with impeccable edges, and each one will have a handy hanging loop on the top corner – again, promoting your brand but with a practical and useable household item.

Be even more unique with a personalized set!

Depending on your marketing, fundraising or event budget, you may be able to up the ante, with a personalized set of tailored tea towels. If you gift your customers, guests or investors with a unique, useable item, rather than the generic mug with a business logo, you will surely be remembered and appreciated. Not only that, your customers will likely share this excellent gift on social media, which will increase the chance of driving new customers to your business. In fact, Ambassador conducted a social media trend survey in 2018, and they found that “71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.”

Become a Business/Host that Cares with Flour Sack Towels

Regardless if you’re using digitally printed flour sack towels for promotion or as event gifts, there’s no doubt that all of your guests/customers will remember you and/your brand. When something is personalized but unique it has a lasting appreciation. Besides promoting your brand, our personalized flour sack towels always make great gifts. Why? Well, first they’re practical. Secondly, the personalized touches show that you care and make an effort. Thirdly, they’re handmade from high quality, durable, organic materials.

Moreover, we noticed how popular our flock sack towel gifts sets were becoming. So, we decided that why don’t we take it up a notch and help companies/people to promote their brand or cause. Even though the digital world has taken over the food industry, we eventually have to wash the dishes. So, flour sack towels or tea towels will never go out of fashion! Not only that, when your guests continuously see your personalized flour sack towel, they will be reminded of how much thought and effort you have put into this gift, compared to other companies.

So, if you’re looking for a unique, innovative, and creative way to promote your brand then you should look into our digital flour sack tea range. If you’re stuck creatively, we’re happy to talk through your ideas, to ensure that the finished product is perfect for you, and of course, your customers/guests.

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